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Welcome to's New Store!!

Posted by Nathan Lippe on

Welcome Vintage Advertising Collectors!

The new store, and use of the domain has been a long time coming.I'm happy that I'm finally live and open for business!

For a long time I've always built my websites on the Dreamweaver software. When it came to building a store, it's a pretty big undertaking just to figure out what you want the layout and functionality to be so it never really came to life. I'm too busy working, antique hunting, and spending time with my family to get it up and running.

In the meantime, I sold my inventory direct to customers, on Ebay and Etsy, and at shows throughout the US. High eBay fees and the amount of work to list an item on the site pushed me to get my own store rolling. Just in case, you can find a number of additional items on my Etsy store here, as well as my eBay name here.

When I came across an online ad for the Shopify platform it seemed like the right fit for what I needed at a not so crazy price. I bit.

After some design work and effort to get a store running, we're ready for action. I also had a new logo created by a real designer, inspired by a 1940's neon sign, to complete the new look.

As a reminder, some of my best stuff sells to past customers or those who have a specific item they are looking for, so be sure to send me a note and I'll keep in touch.

Thanks for visiting!


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